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The goal of Hoop Heaven Online is to inform, educate and provide the tools you need to unite the mind, body and spirit. To ultimately achieve Vertality. By letting your light shine, you can elevate your game.


When Hoop Heaven Online was established in 2008, it was done to to fill a void in the athletic development field. In the phoenix area alone there are a plethora of personal trainers, physical therapist and strength/conditioning specialists that claim to address all of the athletes needs. After many years being in this profession as both an athlete and a practitioner I have realized they only address the physical aspect of the basketball athlete. What about the mind and spirit? In late game situations it is usually the intangible aspects of the mind and spirit that carry us in late game moments. By making the athlete more conscious of the makeup of his or her being, they can truly achieve Vertality. So whether you just need some free info from the Article/TV section or need to elevate your game by hiring me as your trainer, please join Hoop Heaven Online to achieve Vertality.

Mikan Drill

Mikan Drill

George Mikan was the original big man. During his upbringing he needed help with footwork and coordination. Enter the Mikan drill.George Mikan was the first dominating big man in professional basketball history. Mikan played college basketball at DePaul, then enjoyed...


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