Do You Know the Factors Influencing Girls’ Participation in Sports?


Starting May 24th Hoop Heaven Online(  and Recreation Association of Madison Meadows & Simis( are partnering to offer Her Time To Play to the phoenix community. Her Time To Play is a national grassroots initiative developed by the NBA and WNBA to inspire girls ages 7-14 to play basketball in a positive and healthy way.


Her Time to Play pairs on-court training with off-court life skills lessons to build girls’ confidence, prepare them for the challenges of adolescence and teach values like teamwork. It was created by the Jr. NBA and WNBA to encourage girls to keep playing basketball. We will provide an approachable environment to those who are new to the sport.


The program aims to reverse the trend of girls dropping out of sport at twice the rate of boys at the same age, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation. Far fewer girls than boys are currently playing sports (36.4% girls vs 45.6% boys), and comparatively, girls (ages 7-17) are more likely to drop out of sports – at one and one quarter times the rate of boys – despite increases in access and opportunity. Given the life-long benefits sports and physical activity provide, WSF felt it imperative to create this new platform to further support program leaders, coaches and mentors looking to create a safe and welcoming program environment for girls.


The curriculum, co-created with the Women’s Sports Foundation, includes lessons on healthy eating and nutrition, mental wellness, body image and bullying. Each chapter features a WNBA team and highlights personal stories shared by WNBA players.


Studies have shown that there are 5 key areas that influence females to drop out of sport:


  1. Lack or access – the number of quality training opportunities for female youth is significantly less than males. For example, a female hooper is more likely to show up to an all-girls open run rather than being the only female hooper at an all-boys open run.
  2. Lack of transportation and safety – sometimes the only training or basketball opportunity exists in a rough neighborhood which can present a challenge if the youth does not have a ride to the facility.
  3. Social stigma – Women’s basketball has had a stigma of carrying a gender identity for serious hoopers.
  4. Poor personal experience – With less qualified coach willing to coach girls basketball it is common for youth to have a poor coaching experience.
  5. Lack of positive roles models – The system to progress to a pro basketball player is clear for male basketball players because role models are abundant at all levels of the game. With women the path and lure to progress is not a clear cut as men.

More info on challenges can be found here:


Her Time To Play looks to reverse the current trends by increasing requirement and retention to the game of basketball.

 Key Points:


  • Open to 7-14 year-old girls
  • A recreational and approachable environment.
  • Skill development and fundamentals
  • Learn life lessons from positive role models
  • Perks: WNBA posters, headbands, wristbands, and workbooks
  • Her Time to Play Parent Guide


Volunteers are still needed to make this event a success. If you are interested in being a volunteer coach for one or all the sessions, please fill out the coach application here: